Frank Segall . Crane Hire profile:

Frank Segall . Crane Hire is a private owned company, started 3. October 1986 by Frank Segall.

The company is specialised in lift with truck-mounted cranes and mobile cranes, heavy hauling and transport of all kind of technical equipment and parts for building the industry.

Frank Segall . Crane Hire are also specialised in rigging and “in house transport” and installation of machines and other heavy parts. We have great knowledge in work for all kind of “Offshore industry” and servicing Shipping industry + Industrial plants.

Frank Segall . Crane Hire are ISO 2001:2015 certified, and have a long tradition for detailed planning of jobs, high skilled employees, well maintained equipment – And through this we offer the customers safe lifts and transport, in time.

Frank Segall . Crane Hire have solid connections to many companies on harbour and industry, and can through these support you with good advices - help you to the best way to solve a problem or just planning and executing your job.

We are not only your crane hire or hauling company – We are your partner- working hard to support you in all parts of your job to make success.


Here some pictures showing examples of tasks we have solved.  

Lift of 15 ton top on frame for installing on ship.

Unloading af tank 14m high, Ø 4m weight 14 ton
outside building. Skidding in house
and installed in position. 

Dismantling of 32 ton engine in workshop.

Transport of oversized cabin for installation on barge.

8 ton forklift - here with crane accessories for
assembly of equipment in a production line.


Low build crane for acces to task with minimum
space for the crane or lifting equipment 
Often af problem on ships or narrov Buildings. 

Lift of 6,5 t Steeltube for new bridge
over small channel.


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